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Mesothelioma Legal Options

Many expenses follow a mesothelioma diagnosis. Medical expenses often add up after a diagnosis if a patient seeks any form of treatment, support or care. These expenses, coupled with the anger many feel toward the companies that knowingly exposed workers to asbestos, makes many patients and their loved ones seek a lawyer.

Finding a qualified mesothelioma lawyer with experience in handling asbestos cases is an important step in the litigation process. Many people are overwhelmed at the task of finding an experienced attorney and filing a lawsuit. offers a complimentary packet about mesothelioma and legal options that may be available to patients an their loved ones. Please fill out the packet request form on this page to receive information overnight.

Legal Action

Mesothelioma is almost exclusively caused by asbestos exposure and many patients are able to identify the likely source of this exposure and may have legal options available to see compensation from companies that knowingly manufactured asbestos-contaminated products. Knowledge about the dangers associated with asbestos exposure was known by many companies in the 1920s. In the '30s and '40s, even more evidance began to surface noting the health risks involved with exposure to the mineral. Though many companies knew about the hazards, they neglected to choose alternative substances and continued to subject workers to asbestos dangers to ensure greater profits for the companies. Asbestos was inexpensive and companies took full advantage of the mineral in many industries.

Companies are now facing lawsuits from people with asbestos-related illnesses and their family members. Mesothelioma patients may have legal options to seek compensation from these companies. Utilizing a lawyer to help file a claim may result in compensation to alleviate the burden of medical expenses. Many family members also receive compensation for pain and suffering incurred as a result of mesothelioma. Additional expenses that may be covered include: treatment and medical expenses, funeral expenses, support group expenses, travel associated with disease treatment and expenses not covered by insurance plans.

Saving medical records and documentation is important so a lawyer may use this information in the case. Many patients do not wish to be actively involved in the litigation process and legal professionals understand that time with family and friends and battling cancer is the top priority for many. Mesothelioma lawyers will generally handle the entire case for a patient and their family.


In personal injury cases, the injured (in this case, the mesothelioma victim) is the plaintiff and the party responsible for the injury is the defendant. Although employers have been successfully sued in asbestos cases, most often the party bearing ultimate liability is the company or companies that manufactured and sold the asbestos products. Rights related to these claims vary by state but a mesothelioma lawyer will be familiar with the process for the state in which they practice law.

A wrongful death suit is filed by a family member of a mesothelioma patient who has passed away.

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