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While there is likely a mesothelioma cancer center in every state, most are located in regions of the country where the largest number of mesothelioma cases are present. For example, states in which shipbuilding facilities or the United States Navy have had a strong presence are common places to find additional mesothelioma cancer centers.

There are certain regions of the country where asbestos exists naturally in the soil. These areas include the Sierra of central California and the Rocky Mountains just northeast of Spokane, Washington. Spokane is also located near Libby Montana, the community that was home to the W.R. Grace Corporation mining operations. Because mesothelioma is still relatively rare, all mesothelioma treatment centers are part of larger research institutions or hospitals that specialize in all types of cancer.

About Mesothelioma Cancer Centers

Once a diagnosis of mesothelioma has been established, a patient will typically receive care from a team of different specialists, all of whom have experience in dealing with mesothelioma. In addition to the oncologist (cancer specialist) and the primary care physician, a team will often include a radiologist, a pulmonologist and/or gastroenterologist, a thoracic surgeon, a nurse and a palliative care specialist who will assist in dealing with pain issues.

Treatment at a mesothelioma cancer center gives the patient access to the latest treatments and techniques for managing the disease. A patient at such a facility may have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials that test new drugs and treatments. Until recently, few mesothelioma patients could access the services of a mesothelioma cancer center unless they lived reasonably close to one or were wealthy enough to afford to travel to such a facility. Even then, insurers were unlikely to cover the costs of "experimental" treatments.

The good news is that new technologies have been developed that make it possible for mesothelioma patients anywhere in the country to access the services of a mesothelioma cancer center. New imaging technologies such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging now produce clearer, higher-resolution pictures than ever before. These images can now be saved and stored in digital format, known as DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine), and be transmitted over the internet and viewed on any computer equipped with a high-resolution monitor and the appropriate software.

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